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What is Arts Therapy?

Arts therapy is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy which makes use of art materials & art-based activities.

It is about enhancing our mental, physical & emotional well-being through creative expression.

Arts Therapy embraces a variety of theoretical frameworks.

An arts therapy session is an opportunity for you to:
– explore values & meanings
– recognise behavior patterns, thoughts & emotions
– resolve interpersonal issues
– reduce stress
– recognise self-worth
– grow self-compassion & self-care
– expand consciousness
– self-reflect
– nourish, nurture & flourish

Art therapy is NOT about producing a ‘pretty’ final product. Rather it IS about the PROCESS of art-making itself.

NO artistic skill is required to participate in or benefit from art therapy. Art therapy is for EVERYONE!

Art therapy can be an alternative or supplementary approach to more traditional talk therapies. Many people choose to try art therapy in addition to talk therapy.