Meet Fi

Creative well-being with Fi George

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Hello! I’m Fi George, a Therapeutic Arts Coach located in Adelaide, South Australia. I’m glad to meet you and happy you found me!

I am very passionate about supporting people and creating transformative experiences. I strongly believe in the power and long-term benefits of therapeutic art-making.

Meet Fi George

Having experienced the impact of living with:

I am able to empathize deeply with your experiences and support you from a heart-centered space.

Remember, I am a human first, and a helper second.

My special interest

I enjoy working with a variety of client types. However, my special interest is working with women (25+) living with Type 2 Diabetes, and experiencing Distress or Burn-out. Through holistic and integrative practices, I will support you in making room for more self-acceptance and self-compassion; and in developing a greater understanding of your stressors and life’s challenges. Ultimately, creating more joy, life balance and connection.

Fig Creative Therapies is about being vulnerable and courageous. From a warm, compassionate and neutral space I offer face to face and online therapeutic arts coaching & workshops. I will encourage you to courageously express, explore and grow into your best self. Together we will explore your personal meanings, mindset and learn mindfulness practices to help bring your life back into balance.

I have a Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy, a Bachelor in Social Work and an Honors in Social Science. I studied how to enhance the well-being of others through:

  • advocacy
  • social change
  • relationship building, and
  • the tailored use of creative expression.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me or call 048 123 1520 if you feel you could benefit from some extra support.

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