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Welcome to Fig Creative Therapies!

Availability of Services during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and my respect and care for your health and well-being Fig Creative Therapies will be adapting its services to be delivered online.

Email-based support is available now – refer to the services tab or contact me today for more information.

A unique online program will be launched very soon. Stay tuned for more information!

Therapeutic Arts Coaching promotes the healing power of creative expression to work through your life’s challenges, and help you achieve your goals.

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of managing diabetes?

Have found yourself testing your blood glucose levels less, missing important appointments, avoiding treatment, or falling back into old unworkable routines?

You’ve been wondering why others ‘have life all figured out’ and you are struggling to keep it together?

You’re feeling tired and worried about the future?

Feeling unheard and unseen?

Or perhaps, you feel like you just aren’t enough.

If you answered YES to any of theses questions, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I’ve been there and I can help. There is hope! Engaging with therapeutic arts coaching is a perfect step toward healing and growth.

Who am I?

A heartful helper, a holder of space, a self-acceptance and self-compassion companion.

I’m a Therapeutic Arts Coach and Workshop Facilitator with a holistic, experiential and person-centered approach. Using visual arts, writing, movement, mindfulness and nature to facilitate healing & growth through individual sessions & workshops.

Offering over 6 years experience in social work case management practice and in using the creative process. I have supported people to express emotions & thoughts, explore concerns & passions, and grow into their most authentic self.

Fig Creative Therapies provides a neutral, non-judgmental and compassionate environment for your healing journey, where you can feel encouraged and supported to work through a pain or toward a goal.

What you can expect from
Therapeutic Arts Coaching:

  • a supportive and accountable relationship
  • a feeling of empowerment and confidence
  • more self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • creative and fun strategies
  • clarity around your values and passions
  • a more balanced and connected life
  • increased resilience and more self-trust
  • a realistic action focus and encouragement
  • healing, expression, exploration and growth

Therapeutic Arts Coaching Appointments

I believe that change and growth is absolutely possible.

Your experience, your process & creations and your insights will guide you towards personal growth and healing.

NO artistic skill is required to participate or benefit from the process of Therapeutic Arts Coaching. All that’s required is an open-mind, open-heart and a willingness to explore through creative expression.

To schedule an appointment with me you need to first contact me via Email or through the form found on the Contact page. Please share why you want to work with me. If I feel I can be of assistance I will reach out to organise a free 15 minute phone call where we can get to know each other.

On the rare occasion I feel I can not assist someone I always respond with suggestions of a better suited practitioner.


Individual sessions run for 90 minutes and I charge $125 (Standard Fee).

I do offer a limited number of Individual Concession sessions throughout the year. These run for 90 minutes and I charge $65 (Concession Fee – requires a Centrelink Pensioner Concession or Health Care Card).

If you require a Concession session please contact me via email, the contact form or phone to discuss appointment availability.

For more information about the services I offer (in person and online) and the investment required please take a look at the relevant Services page.

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I conduct my practice in line with the Holistic Therapists Australia Code of Ethics and follow their confidentiality guidelines.

The Codes of Practice & Ethics of the Australian Association of Social Workers and ANZACATA additionally inform my practice.

Your sessions with me are confidential. I place a high level of value on any information you disclose. If information needs to be shared with other professionals this will only be done with your written permission. In some cases I am mandated to break confidentiality:

  • If subpoenaed by a court
  • You are a risk to yourself or others
  • Prior approval has been obtained

Confidentiality applies to all verbal, written and art-based creations within the bounds of our therapeutic interactions.